After thriving on the front lines of communications for decades, Meghan brings her trademark creativity and expertise to leaders in numerous industries. Her former colleagues, collaborators, and clients consistently remark upon her adaptability, agility, and empathy.

Her career’s spanned diverse worlds: digital and social, corporate and government, creative ideation and video production. Thanks to this variety, she’s accumulated knowledge, insights, and a commitment to following-through that delivers brands, events, and organizations impressive results.

From industry and audience awards, millions of impressions, smart partnerships, and surprisingly sticky product integrations, she’s comfortable on-stage, on-set, or in the office trenches for marathon strategy sessions and pitch prep.

Recent travels connected Meghan with inspiring creatives around the world, which spawned exciting projects for tv, feature and doc films, publishing, and more.

Connect with Meghan for your own creative pursuits – tackling even the toughest communications, production, and media challenges feel less daunting with a resourceful and efficient ally like her in your corner. Please introduce yourself to grow our community. ✌🎬👏🎥✊📓🙌

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Photo Credit: JBSmith Photography