Longer Bio You Never Knew You Didn’t Want To Read

Meghan is a consummate multi-hyphenate – a professional communications strategist, filmmaker, and creative connector extraordinaire. Her BA (Hons) from the University of Toronto and MA from Carleton focused on the intersections among art, cultural industries, and politics.

She began her consulting career at H+K Strategies, a top-tier global agency. Meghan has been a speaker and instructor at South by Southwest (four times), North by Northeast, Digital Leap, Showcase Ontario, and many leading organizations, including the Canadian Film Centre Media Lab,  Engineers Without Borders, Wellspring, War Child, The Non-Profit Coach, the Institute of Public Administration of Canada, and many more. She has been cited as an expert in media including The Globe and Mail, TVO’s Digital U, the Toronto Star and more. She was also an OG music blogger as ‘withoutayard’ for almost ten years.

Today, this award-winning producer, director, and communicator, collaborates with agencies, brands, leaders and organizations to create memorable content inspiring meaningful conversations.

Previous client work includes Ford Canada, HSBC, Molson, Nestle, Oyster Bay Wines, and the Province of Ontario, and her accolades include multiple Society for New Communications Research Awards, TVO ‘top five’ status for her first documentary short, a Screencraft ‘Pilot Launch’ finalist, and recognition for excellence in public service communications from the Ontario Government.

An interdisciplinary creative, Meghan’s career has spanned the public, non-profit, political, and digital industries. In the public sector, she worked in central agencies to develop new branding, training, policies, and content on behalf of the government. In digital production, Meghan was Head of Creative for Group SJR Canada, spearheading influencer campaigns, art directing shoots, and writing/producing/directing live-action, narrative, doc, and animated content for multiple platforms.

Her volunteering included programming and communications on behalf of Wellspring, the Women’s College Hospital Foundation, the Downtown LA Film Festival, DocuWeeks, Halifax Pop Explosion, and North by Northeast. She’s also a frequent public speaker, with four consecutive years leading panels at South by Southwest, presentations as a guest lecturer at the Canadian Film Centre Media Lab and the University of Toronto, and numerous industry conferences and events. Some nice people she’s shared office space with have gone so far as to endorse her, too.  Sometimes it turns into more internet.

An honours graduate of the University of Toronto, with a fast-tracked graduate degree from Carleton University; Meghan returned to school to reignite her love of comedy.  As a former high school improv nerd who toured with award-winning troupes, Second City’s Writing, Improv & Music Programs proved irresistible. After ending a fifteen year hiatus from performance, with multiple sketch, improv, storytelling and standup sets, she reenrolled at UofT for Screenwriting, and penned now-outdated spec scripts for now-cancelled shows. She’s attempted to round out her chops with technical coursework at Toronto’s Liaison of Independent Filmmakers and Raindance, but prefers entrusting shooting and editing to talented partners.

Meghan also advises the world’s top ethical jewellery brand Fair Trade Jewellery Company and the innovative traceability platform Consensas – who have been recognized by Human Rights Watch, the OECD, and The Globe and Mail.

Recently she began a travel excursion to boost the profile of underrepresented women in unrecognized comedy scenes around the world. Through a series of vignettes, shot in multiple countries, Meghan’s connecting with powerful, intelligent, unique, and hilarious comics in ‘Funny While Female.’  She’s made a solemn promise to not refer to herself in third person when you contact her.  Please introduce yourself and grow our community. ✌️🎬👏🎥✊📓🙌

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