Funny While Female


Globally, women’s comedic voices have an increasingly important impact. We travel to four continents for frank conversations with industry vets and up-and-comers to find what it takes to carve out a space in this traditionally male-dominated arena.

From geopolitical conflict to workplace gender imbalances – we dish with fierce, brave, and hilarious women. They give us a glimpse into their personalities, process, and productions. Speaking direct-to-camera, and casually in conversation – we also get a taste of their unique cities’ vibes.

How do these sassy satirists criticize governments that scrutinize their social media? How can witty women skewer the sexism, racism and stereotypes that cling to conservative cultures? We find out walking the streets, meeting their families and joining them on stage.

Funny While Female offers a glimpse of what’s truly funny according to the sharpest women’s wits in Africa, Europe, Asia and Latin America.

How are these comics using jokes to disarm disagreement, bridge divisive topics, and unite audiences? In light of #TimesUp and #MeToo – it’s time for underrepresented, new, funny female voices in our conversations.


‘Funny While Female’ is a doc-style digital webseries featuring five or more established comics from Cape Town, Hanoi, Kuala Lumpur, Mexico City & more.

The series includes subject-specific profiles as well as thematic vignettes, which weave together the women’s common challenges / triumphs.


Five comedians share hilarious straight-talk about performing in countries where being a woman can be a liability.


A thoughtful, timely, encouraging series that expands the comics’ global audience and inspires audiences to support smart, funny, talented women.

Our full treatment with details on arc, characters / access /status, audience, visual treatment / support materials, commercial / marketing strategy, and creative team bios is available on request.