Background Check

“Meghan is a delight to work with. She brings a wealth of production experience, strategic thinking and digital acumen to every engagement. In our time working together at SJR, Meghan led the production of a number of big bet projects on some very challenging accounts. Her creativity, passion and client-centricity are matched only by her infectious optimism and exceptional work ethic. Never afraid to stare down a challenge, Meghan truly embodies what it means to be a contributing part of what makes a team and corporate culture amazing.”  Zack Sandor-Kerr, former colleague, Group SJR

“Meghan is one of the most intelligent, interesting and talented individuals I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. She is driven, passionate and not afraid to take creative risks – plus she’ll make you laugh while doing so. I learned so much from Meghan just by watching (and admiring) her ability to come up with forward-thinking, digital-savvy ideas and solutions seemingly effortlessly, as it truly comes naturally to her.” Carly Elizabeth, former colleague, Treasury Board Secretariat

“Her interests and expertise span widely. She is often found conquering the world of digital strategy, social media, government communications, and open data. But her life is also rich with her passion for music, film, screenwriting and art. As the co-creator behind Digestible Productions she has produced numerous short films, sketches and plays, and explores  narratives with a focus on capturing the meaning within moments.

Especially in a world that can seem overwhelming and creatively competitive, Meghan is a true gem. She is genuine and always willing to lend a supportive ear with a healthy dose of laughs. I am thankful for the advice and perspective she has given me on many occasions.” – Amber Ellis, Creating Light Studio

“Meghan took my film and brought it to the world by connecting it with the right media channels nationwide. Her creative and tailored approach to pitching made our media campaign a success!” – Sherien Barsoum, Taza Media

During our time together, Meghan taught me more about media relations and digital communications strategy than anyone I have come across in the business to date. She is a great mentor and leader and showed me the value in being passionate about your work.  – Stephanie Poce, former colleague, Government of Ontario

I’ve never really seen anyone get so much done in such little time. She’s got a great sense of humor, so even when the going got tough, she still had the ability to make me laugh” – Peggy Ellithorpe, former colleague, Austin Music Foundation

Meghan effectively balances two critical faculties…as a keen observer and critic of what works and doesn’t work. The fact that she has apprenticed as a stand-up comedian while strengthening the Ontario government’s formal and informal online presence is evidence of her intellectual flexibility and heterogeneous mind. Boyd Neil, former colleague, H+K Strategies


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